Modern Sport Karate

Sport Karate has witnessed a surge in popularity worldwide, especially after its inclusion in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. This form of Karate involves competitors engaging in one-on-one bouts, striving to outperform their opponents under specific rules. Many students are drawn to Sport Karate due to its competitive nature, offering a platform for targeted training and competition victories.

There are two disciplines of Sport Karate.


A performance-based competition where judges evaluate the execution of kata or forms. It can involve direct head-to-head performances or a point-based system where competitors showcase their kata, and the highest scorer wins.


A direct confrontation between two competitors, aiming to score points through strategic punching and kicking. The winner is the one with the most points within a set time.

For the students who wish to test their skills in a competitive setting, we provide opportunities through in-house and open competitions, competing against participants from various clubs nationwide and Europe. As members of the English Karate Federation, our students can compete for prestigious titles at English, British, European, Commonwealth, and World level events.

For those excelling in competitions, there's a chance to represent the country at a national level and beyond. Currently, two of our students are part of the England Squad, and another holds the title of British Kumite Champion. We offer a path for dedicated students to progress to the highest echelons of Sport Karate.

We run specialised sports classes every weekend, focusing on both Kata and Kumite. These sessions encompass plyometric, strength, speed, and fitness training, along with live Kumite and Kata performances.

It's essential to recognise that Sport Karate differs from traditional Karate. We believe it's merely another aspect of Karate training that some students may choose to pursue. We maintain a clear distinction between the two, understanding that Sport Karate's primary aim is not self-defence application, which was the original intention of Kata.

However, we acknowledge that sports competitors in both Kumite and Kata require a high level of fitness, coordination, and athleticism to excel. Many students find this aspect enjoyable and motivating. We embrace both Karate and Sport, appreciating the unique strengths of each. While Sport Karate may not primarily focus on self-defence, it fosters valuable skills and attributes that students can apply to various aspects of their lives.