Training in a martial art can help people in many ways. Most martial art instructors have heart warming stories of how training has helped many students become fitter, overcome bullying, do something as a family and much more. Whether you train with us or another club/association all karate/martial arts can benefit the individual, there are literally thousands of testimonials of how martial arts can be a positive activity in life. Here are just a few of the letters that we have received.

Dear Doryoku Ryu I started karate because I wanted to lose weight after having my 2nd child and to become a lot fitter. My 4yr old son was also keen to have a go so we thought we'd go along and give it a try and have some fun together. Initially I found the class physically challenging, but as the weeks go by I am getting fitter and fitter, classes are challenging and fun and I have never looked back since. Every time you go to a lesson you learn something new which is the interesting thing for me. Karate is a fascinating Art which you can take at Your own pace. As well as getting fitter I have learnt lots of practical Self Defence which works on bigger and stronger people(men) which is important for a woman. Since joining Doryoku Ryu I have become a lot fitter, lost weight which is always a bonus and for the first time in my life I am getting confidence in myself, realising that I can accomplish my goals if I train hard and keep at it and TRUST MY SENSEI ! Natalie

Dear Doryoku Ryu
I would like to take this opportunity to put a few words together to express our appreciation for all that you do to teach me and my family karate.
My son had been expressing an interest in martial arts for some time, I just didn’t know of any local clubs. I, myself, had studied Goju Ryu for a year whilst at University, so had no reservations in signing him up. I would have loved to have started again myself, but didn’t feel that it would have been possible with my husband’s shifts and my very young daughter.
After taking my son along to a few classes I realised that it was not possible to contain my desire to resume my training, and the fact that you run several classes at several venues every night of the week meant that this was now entirely possible.
My son seemed to take to Karate immediately. I am confident that it will be something that he will carry with him through to adulthood. At the tender age of seven, he already has an amazing understanding of a range of Self Defence.
Despite thoroughly enjoying my karate at University, I cannot express strongly enough how much more I have learnt in a similar space of time under your tuition. Techniques are so carefully differentiated to enable all students to take something away from each lesson, yet also look to the future to see the direction of their future karate development.
It wasn’t until May of this year that I was finally able to convince my husband to take the plunge and join, alongside our daughter who had just turned four. My husband had sustained a knee injury through running, but felt that he was able to maintain a level of fitness prior to and post surgery that can only have been to his advantage.
So now the whole family are training! We all experience the benefits in different ways. The etiquette of the dojo is affirming standards of decency and discipline that my husband and I strive to instil in our children. They are also learning for themselves the valuable lesson that nothing comes to them for nothing. Everything worthwhile that they achieve must come through their own strenuous efforts. Their efforts are rewarded through the grading system. They are both so happy each time they are awarded their next belt and my son was ecstatic to win two trophies at the May tournament. I am not a confident person, yet Karate forces me to confront this head on, which can only serve to improve my character having a positive outcome both personally and professionally.
Once again, many thanks
- Plymouth

Dear Doryoku Ryu
I just wanted to write you a note about what a difference karate has made to our family. My son has got ADHD and has always had trouble concentrating and making friends in school. His middle name used to be ‘clumsy’, but now he is like a totally different little kid. I’m 100% sure this change in him is down to the karate classes we’ve taken him to.

I remember my son in the classes at first, being really disruptive and impatient. But within weeks of the instructor showing him the right way of learning and how to execute the different moves by teaching the kids with games, he started to change. The change also spilled over to our home life where I find myself and my husband have copied the instructors way of dealing with him and therefore We now get through to him easier too.

In school the teachers have told me our son is showing more interest in learning and he also interacts with the other kids a lot better now.

As a parent I can’t stress enough how grateful I am over this and I hope you will continue to give us great classes and see us through to our next grade and beyond that. We have been training together for 8 months now, in one of your family classes, and I also think this has helped enormously. It’s not often a parent gets a chance to get involved in the same activity as the child, together, next to them. It’s great! Thank you again, See you in class! Yasmin - Exeter

Dear Doryoku Ryu

I would like to thank you for training my son 10 year old son, before my son started Karate he was bullied at school and would sometimes fake illness so he wouldn't have to go. Since my son has been training in Karate he has become more confident and aware. I have to be honest, my first intentions when he enrolled in Karate was that he could Physically defend himself, but as time went on it became apparent that his training had improved his self esteem. I have since found out that bullies don't usually target kids with high self esteem and confidence also his training has made him more aware of situations to avoid. But most of all it has given him focus and drive, helping him through a difficult time. Once again thank you. Lisa