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Training in karate is ideal for children as it is an interesting art which encourages them to be active. Karate also promotes discipline and respect for others as well as helping to develop confidence and build self-esteem, which all contribute towards children learning how to defend themselves. The physical training and the movements help with coordination and motor skills.

Over the years we have developed our children's training programme, which we teach in schools and in our junior classes. Children are more likely to learn if they are enjoying themselves. Our junior programme delivers a balance of fun and learning by mixing the principles of karate with some karate related games. We also have a special junior grading syllabus which includes extra free gradings to keep students motivated and excited about training. These programmes provide a good grounding in karate for youngsters.

Children are the future black belts and instructors and are, therefore, paramount for securing Martial Arts for the future.

Does your child:

  • Get easily bored?
  • Have an abundance of energy?
  • Lose interest quickly?
  • Play video games too much?
  • Need motivation?

Junior classes are part of our public class timetable. These classes cater for the younger students between the ages of 4 and 10. In Junior classes the lessons are 45 minutes long, delivering work, learning and fun. We also present regular certificates of achievement, which really help to boost students’ confidence and concentration.

Junior Class


Karate is an ideal and fun activity for all the family, regardless of age, as both young and old can benefit from training. Although karate training is a solo recreation, it is taught in a group so everyone can progress at their own rate whilst in the same class as the rest of the family.

Many families enjoy training together and Doryoku Ryu actively encourages this by offering a family discount to help make it affordable for everyone to participate.

Things have changed over the last 20 years; as a society we are no longer working a fixed '9 to 5'. The advent of the 24 hour culture means that many families do not get much time together, with everyone working shifts and different hours etc. So the need to do something together as a family has become more important. Karate is one activity where parents and children can train together as they progress through the grades.

Sometimes it can be important for our younger students to have the reassurance of training alongside a parent/guardian or family member… and sometimes having to support and train with a younger family member can be a great reason for an adult or parent/guardian to start training themselves! Many adults have started their training in this way.

Family Class


We have specific 'adult classes' where adults can train together. We do occasionally have junior students training in the adult classes but they are expected to behave like an adult.

Adults come into Karate for many different reasons, namely:

  • Need to take up a hobby
  • Want to learn an interesting art
  • It is something that they had always wanted to do but never got round to doing it
  • Want to do something as a family
  • Work towards and achieving a black belt
  • Want to get fitter, maybe lose some weight
  • Learn some self-defence
  • Restore some lost confidence
  • Meet people and enjoy camaraderie
  • Stress relief

Karate is a fantastic activity to take up at any time of life, whether you are a child or an adult in your 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s. It doesn't matter about your starting level of fitness, because students get fitter and stronger as they train.

Karate students come from many different backgrounds. Currently we have students who are: school meal time assistants, marines, hospital consultants, administration staff, firemen, tradesmen, shop workers, teachers, care assistants, university students - the list could go on. But when we are in the dojo everyone is all the same. We are just there to train.

Adult Class