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Welcome to the home of  Doryoku Ryu Karate. We have been teaching and training Karate since 2008 across the South West of England.

As a club we are fully committed to providing our students with a quality martial art experience. We are continually working on the evolution and further development of karate, its philosophies and benefits for our students. Being a traditional club we maintain the Origins and intentions of Karate by teaching self protection and fitness through training. Our classes are taught within the etiquette and traditions of Karate which creates a positive learning environment for students.




Our club has an open minded philosophy towards Karate “Our belief is karate for all”. Teaching students from 5-70 years old. Students may train in Junior Classes, Open Classes or Adult Classes and we welcome all students regardless of current fitness level, previous experience, gender or background believing there is something within Karate for everyone. We offer our students training in Traditional Okinawan Karate, Sports Karate and Okinawan Weapons training.

Traditional Karate

Doryoku Ryu, takes pride in teaching traditional Okinawan Karate, an art that translates to “Empty hand,” primarily focused on self-protection. However, Karate offers numerous benefits that go beyond physical techniques.

Our training emphasises self-protection techniques, teaching students to punch, kick, block, lock, and grapple. Importantly, we instil the understanding that the best self-protection comes from avoiding trouble and physical confrontation altogether.

Beyond self-protection, Karate serves as an excellent activity with a range of additional advantages for students and practitioners:

  • Fitness: Our training enhances flexibility, mobility, and serves as an effective calorie-burning activity.
  • Confidence: Active participation, goal-setting, meeting new people, and training in a positive environment contribute to improved confidence.
  • Coordination: Karate involves learning patterns and combinations of techniques that enhance coordination, reactions, and reflexes.
  • Discipline: We foster an encouraging but disciplined learning environment, where students follow rules, consider others, and adhere to etiquette and traditions. This cultivates courtesy and self-control.

Karate training offers more than just physical exercise. Karate is an engaging activity that carries a rich history and tradition, making it a unique and intriguing pursuit for individuals of all ages.

We welcome you to start training and experience the transformative power of Traditional Okinawan Karate and unlock a world of self-improvement and personal growth.

Modern Sports Karate

Experience modern Sports Karate, the competitive form seen at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. 

Students can train in Kumite (Sparring) and Kata (performance) to compete in our in-house tournaments or at national, and international events. Our association with Xcalibur, an EKF member, allows us to participate in prestigious WKF Competitions. 

Represent your nation on the international stage with our pathway to excellence.

Kobudo (Weapons Training)

Kobudo is the Okinawan/Japanese Martial Art of weapons training.

We train Okinawan Ryukyu Kobudo, Students are trained in a variety of traditional Okinawan weapons including Bo, Nunchaku, Sai, Tekko, Tonfa, Rochin Tinbe and Gama.

Whilst not necessarily applicable in the modern world Kobudo offers students Improved coordination and is a highly interesting enjoyable activity, which is the perfect compliment to Karate training and many students train both in tandem. 


Be midful of your courtesy and humility, Train considering your physical strength, Study seriously with creativity,Be calm in mind and swift in action, Take care of your health, live a plain ad simple life. Dont be too proud of yourself and Continue training steadfastly with patience.

~Ei’ichi Miyazato 1922-1999

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