Okinawa is an Island off the South Coast of Japan and is the birthplace of Karate. Our club makes yearly training trips to the island where our students get the opportunity to train with the local instructors as well as experience the culture, food and more.

Whilst there is much written in the West about Okinawan Karate, our opinion is that the best way is to find out for yourself and go there. Training with the instructors, who themselves trained under the successors of some of the most influential founders of Karate, is probably the best way.

We train Go Ju Ryu at the Jundokan Sohonbu under the instruction of Tsuneo Kinjo Hanshi 9th Dan & Tetsu Gima Hanshi 9th Dan

We train Ryukyu Kobudo at Shimbukan under the instruction of Hiroshi Akamine Kaicho 9th Dan & Dell Hamby Kyoshi 7th Dan


Okinawa's main city is Naha where there is lots of things to experience. From bustling markets and delightful street food to captivating buildings, serene parks, a variety of shops, clubs, and diverse restaurants, there's something for everyone.

During training breaks, we embark on visits to Okinawa's renowned Karate destinations and explore historical sites of interest.

Okinawan Food

Okinawa's food culture is a lot different to what we eat in the West and reflects the island's rich history and deep-rooted traditions, offering a culinary experience that will leave you craving more. Relish the essence of Okinawa through its exceptional dishes and immerse yourself in a gastronomic journey unlike any other.

Okinawan Culture

In the West we generally consider Karate and Kobudo as something for the younger generation. In Okinawa however, many embark on their Karate/Kobudo journey during retirement! Witnessing 65-year-olds and beyond training in the dojo is a common sight, reflecting the vibrant martial arts culture on the island.

Okinawa, renowned as one of the world's "blue zones," boasts longer life spans for its inhabitants. While factors like diet and work-life balance contribute to this phenomenon, karate/kobudo training is highly regarded by local instructors as a key element. Our Okinawan instructors, aged 65-75, exude vitality and enthusiasm for their art, remaining fighting fit even as they continue to teach and train.

The 78 year old Kakazu sensei 10th Dan, Shorin Ryu Feb 2023.