Ryukyu Kobudo

Kobudo is a traditional Martial Art of weapons training and focuses on training with various weapons tracing its origins back to China. In Okinawa, where Chinese influence was profound, Kobudo thrived alongside Karate. Today, many Okinawan dojos teach both disciplines together, following their historical path from China to Okinawa, then mainland Japan, and beyond.

Ryukyu Kobudo is one of the original styles of Kobudo taught in Okinawa. The term "Ryukyu" denotes the group of islands, with Okinawa being the largest among them. In the majority of Okinawan dojos, Karate and Kobudo are taught hand in hand, complementing each other seamlessly.

Doryoku Ryu Karate, is a Jun-Shibu with the Shimbukan Dojo in Tomigusuku, Okinawa. Our regular training in Okinawa, both in-person and through Zoom, ensures our students receive authentic Okinawan Kobudo, following the teachings of Shimbukan's head, Hiroshi Akamine (9th Dan). Our students can progress through the Shimbukan grading syllabus, with all gradings approved by Kaicho Hiroshi Akamine.

We train with a variety of weapons, including Bo, Sai, Tekko, Nunchaku, Tonfa, Gama, Tinbe-Rochin, and Eku. Each weapon offers a unique skill-set, providing a lifetime of training possibilities. While some may question the relevance of training an ancient weapons system in the modern world, Kobudo imparts valuable skills and heritage, regardless of its everyday practicality.

examples of kobudo weapons

So why train and learn the art of Kobudo?

Kobudo naturally complements Karate, sharing many stances, postures, and techniques. Students discover that the weapons are extensions of their empty hands for attack and defense, enhancing self-protection skills. Kobudo training demands precise hand-eye coordination, exercising with small weighted weapons that improve core-strength and balance. The enhanced movement from Kobudo offers general health benefits, supporting Karate training.

Moreover, Kobudo brings enjoyment through its historical intrigue, making it a fascinating pursuit like Karate. Our club hosts regular Kobudo classes on weekdays and weekends, accommodating students' preferences. Whether you train in Karate or solely pursue Kobudo, the choice is yours.

group kobudo shots

If you are already a karate student you can talk to your instructor about your nearest Kobudo class otherwise mention your interest in the contact form.

Training in Okinawa February 2023 Seminar taught by Kiacho Hiroshi Akamine & Kyoshi Dell Hamby.