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Kobudo Classes

Kobudo is the Okinawan/Japanese Martial Art of weapons training. The word Kobudo translates to 古武道 old martial arts. Kobudo training, or weapons training as we know it, originated in China.
At the time Okinawan culture was heavily influenced by China with many Okinawans going to China to learn Martial Arts. Today, most Okinawan dojo’s train Kobudo alongside Karate. If we trace its origins and progression, it has followed the same path as Karate. From China, imported to Okinawa, then to mainland Japan and from there to the world.

There are many romantic myths that Kobudo weapons were developed from agricultural tools. However, it is highly likely that the weapons themselves were developed in China for the purpose of Self Protection.

Our club train in the 4 main weapons: Bo, Sai, Nunchuku & Tonfa. Like most Kobudo syllabuses we focus our training on Kihon/Basic techniques, Kata/Form & Bunkai/Application of Kihon & Kata.

Many people rightly question the relevance of training eastern weapons system in the 21st century? Yes it is probably illegal to use or carry any of the weapons around in everyday life. Yes its not likely either, that an individual will be attacked with any of the Kobudo weapons.

So why train and learn the art of Kobudo?

Kobudo is a natural compliment to Karate and there are many crossovers. Many of the stances, postures and techniques are the same or similar. From a self protection point of view we would hope that Kobudo training would teach students that the weapons of Kobudo are an extension of their empty hands for attack and defence.
Training with a weapon requires a high element of hand-eye coordination. Holding and exercising with a weapon is a small weight offering resistance throughout which also improves your core strength and balance. The Kobudo training improves general movement which has general health benefits and can aid a students Karate training. Enjoyment! Sometimes it’s good to train just because its interesting and like Karate-training, there is an interesting historical element to Kobudo training.