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Sport Karate

Recently Karate has been included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.
Sport Karate has become very popular across the world. Sport Karate is where competitors compete under rules to better an opponent in a one on one bout. Many students enjoy this type of karate as it is competitive sport that competitors can specifically train for and win competitions. There are two disciplines of sport Karate.

1) Kata – This is where the performance of the kata or form is judged by referees in a competition. This can either be directly against an opponent where both competitors will perform their prospective kata/form and a winner will be declared, or by a point system where everyone competing performs their kata and the one with the most points will be declared the winner.

2) Kumite – This is where two competitors will go directly against each other trying to score points via punching and kicking. The winner being the competitor with the most points during a set time.

Our club offers both in-house competition and the opportunity, for those who wish to do so, to enter open competition. This means competing against competitors from other clubs across the country and Europe.

We have weekly sport Kumite and Sport Kata classes.


Many Instructors either love it or hate it. Our philosophy is that it’s just another branch of modern karate that students might like to pursue. We are realistic about what it is and what it is not! Learning point kumite isn't the most effective way of learning self defence because the goal in sport kumite is to score a point without harming your opponent.
Sport Kata has its primary focus on an aesthetic look, performance and athleticism. It is not the self defence application which was the original intention of kata.

However…..Sports competitors in both Kumite and Kata require a high level of fitness, coordination and athleticism to compete at high levels. Many students find this endeavour enjoyable and motivating. We can teach both karate & sport because we draw a very clear line between the two.
Sport is not self defence and Karate is not sport.